Congratulations to Ashley Sherman the 2018
Rerun Cattle Shootout Champion

Congratulations to all the 2018 MCHA Class Champions!

Not Pictured 
 Open: Scat Cats
Rider: Russ Miller
Owner: Russ & Jill Miller

Sr Youth: Molly Gans
Tea With A Twist

$1500 Novice Horse:
One Time Dancer
Owner:Clayton Turner
Rider: James Johnson

Non-Pro/Amateur Most Money Won:
Robert Keith of
Trout Creek Ranch

MCHA Senior World Tour Champion:
Joseph Kalt



Member Spotlight


Tell us about your cutting experience:

How long have you been cutting? This is my second year of cutting. I started showing last cutting season of 2017 in the UCHA shows.

What initially interested you in the sport? Well, I think the same with the rest of us… The horses! Horses are amazing animals and true athletes.

Which horse gave you your first cutting horse ride? I purchased a cutting horse in the summer of 2016 from Tim Denton when I went for a week vacation in Weathford, Tx. I got my first ride when I brought her back to Utah and started practicing as much as I could at the Denton farm with the Denton boys (Luke & Kip).

Have horses always been a part of your life? No, I was raised in a construction family, so big machines were mostly part of my life. I got my first horse from my brother who was going to take him to the "meat wagon" because he was too old. I felt he had some more life in him so I took him and road him for few more years.

Favorite Cutting Horse Show: Oh, gosh….This whole 2018 cutting season has been my favorite. It’s hard to pin point just one. We have had a blast at each one this year.

Most memorable winning run: I would have to go with my 74 in Livingston. It’s pretty sweet when the judge announces a new personal high score for the first time. That one felt pretty good! Still waiting for that 75.

Tell us about your cutting horse / horses:
   Nickname: Rocky, You got me Rockin
   Horse’s Age:13
   Sire: Smart Lil Ricochet
   Dam: Bit of Starlight
   NCHA Earnings: 17,764.71

Who bred and raised your horse: Breeder was Art & Sandy Haskins Foaled in California. We purchased him from Ben Royal who had him for the last few years in training.

Special story or quirk that is unique to your horse: Rocky is just a real calm cool, dude. Not much bothers him, which generates back into the rider. I guess a good story would be when we purchased him. I had to buy him sight unseen. Luke Denton, my trainer, had told me "You better not! GO out and ride him first.” When I talked to him about getting him. Well, we were actually second in line to buy. I thought we wouldn’t end up with him anyway. Well long story short, we got a phone call a day before Kelsie’s Birthday saying, “He's yours if you want him. We need a Yes or No. If not will move to the next.” Of course I said “YES!! We want him.” We got the deal done and I told Luke he was coming home to Utah. After a few rides we saw his true talent. Luke told us “You got lucky!! Don't do it again!!” We ended up with a great horse and couldn’t be happier.

Biggest win: All wins are big wins in my book.

What does it mean to you to be the 2018 MCHA Class Champion / Special Award Recipient? Actually, it means a lot. It's the first award I have received in cutting, so it will always hold special memory for me. Thanks again MCHA!

2019 Goals in the cutting pen? My 2019 goal will be to try and make it to Fortworth, TX in the 15k. Wish me luck.

Who or what inspires you? I really just inspire to be a better man each and every new day.

Favorite Quote: Anyone who knows me, knows it’s got to be a Lonesome Dove Quote… "If you want any one thing too badly, it’s likely to turn out to be a disappointment. The only healthy way to live life is to learn to like all the little everyday things – like a sip of good whiskey in the evening, a soft bed, a glass of buttermilk, or a feisty gentleman like myself.” -Gus

Hobbies / Interests outside of the cutting pen?
Cutting and riding horses has pretty much been my hobby and interest for the past several years. Is there much time for anything else? lol

Anything else you would like to add: Any special thanks?
Huge thanks again to MCHA board for the award. It really means a lot! The Denton Boy's, Luke and Kip for letting me tag around them at the barn, asking rookie questions and mistakes until they took me serious enough to give me lessons and show. Last but not least…My ride or die and all-around best loper, Kelsie joe Savage. Thanks for all the support. Love ya babe.

JB Cox 

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