Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Montana Cutting Horse Association (MCHA) shall be to encourage education in equine activities, interest in cutting horses and to promote the sport of cutting in and around the State of Montana as hereinafter specified:
See our entire Cutting Horse schedule of events here.

  1.   By providing a venue for equine education,
  2.   By promoting cutting horse contests,
  3.   To encourage the development of, and public interest in, better horses and the ever increasing popularity of the true cutting horse,
  4.   By encouraging cutting horse contests wherever such contest shall be deemed to be in the public interest and by offering year-end awards as deemed appropriate,
  5.   By assisting the producers and managers of any approved contest in organizing and running such contest,
  6.   By striving to maintain a high standard of sportsmanship and fair play in the conduct of approved contests,
  7.   And by understanding any other actions which will further the purpose herein set forth.

And Above all having good family fun!!!


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